A very special journey into the world of Poland's most extraordinary sports fans – the passionate supporters and fanatical worshipers of national and club colours.

"Kibice" (Sports Fans) is a commission of Discovery Networks International for their new Polish channel created in cooperation with the French premium cable network, Canal+.

The series debuts on October 4, 2017 on Canal+ Discovery in Poland.

In short, join us, experience the emotions, you will stay...

Przemek, episode 1: "Handball"

The 8-episode series explores the lives of people who's everyday revolves around nation's favorite sports: football and handball, volleyball, ski jumping, speedway, hockey, horse racing and the brand new e-sports, which are taking country's largest sporting venues by storm. Stories of life lived through passion for teams and athletes pose an unexpectedly challenging question: why do we love sports and why are we willing to sacrifice so much to for them?